and thank you for visiting the website for Cupola House Tree Farm, where you can learn about the farm and trees.  We hope to welcome you to our Christmas tree farm in person too. We are a small family farm where for generations traditions are grown with trees and hot cider by the fireplace.  Cupola House Tree Farm raises evergreen trees to be the shining gem at the center of your annual celebration, to make it special.  Your family deserves to enjoy the experience and fresh natural beauty of bringing home a Christmas tree from Cupola House Tree Farm this season.  Come connect with nature, farming, culture, heritage and each other at Cupola House Tree Farm.



2018 – Open Saturday Nov. 18th – Friday Dec. 21, 7 days/week, including Thanksgiving.

7 days a week.   8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.


Checks or cash.  ATM on site.


Tree Prices

cut-your-own fir or spruce
$7.25/ft. (a tree about 7 ½ ft. tall costs $55+ sales tax)

Also…cut-your-own pine $6.25/ft.
And…pre-cut trees (individually priced)
And…plantable trees (individually priced)

We sell many beautifully handmade, natural wreaths, garland, arrangements, porch pots, etc.

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DSC_2468 DSC_2467 CupolaHouse_Field_Snow


815-932-NOEL (6635)