Before the farm had a name, it had a house with a cupola on top. “Oh right, the cupola house” people would remember us by. So the Keller family replied yep, “the Cupola House Tree Farm” and the name stuck.  Early spring, 1988 was when Jim and Chris Keller boldly planted the first 6,000 tree seedlings. Ever since, the work to re-plant, nurture, protect, and shape the trees continues year-round.  The first of those trees began going into homes in the 90’s and the overall number of growing trees quadrupled.  By the turn of the millenium Cupola House Tree Farm was transitioning from mostly pines, into a mature mixed growth tree farm with a greater diversity of species than ever. Today Cupola House Tree Farm is home to 2nd and 3rd generations of Kellers who farm here, and alongside the founders keep alive the tree growing tradition and cultural heritage for our communities.  We love the earth we farm because it’s our family’s home too. We all welcome you here because we believe in the goodness of sharing a family farm experience during a time of year when it matters the most.