Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Cupola House Tree Farm.


Q:  Do you allow dogs?

A:  Yes. Leashed, well-behaved dogs are allowed. Please pick up their “mess”.


Q:  Are vehicles allowed in the fields?

A:  No.  Proceed to the end of our gravel lane and park in the parking area near the pavilion.  The trees are immediately adjacent to the parking area.  Carts are available for wheeling trees.


Q:  Can we do a little photo shoot for family portraits there?

A:  Photo shoots are only allowed before Thanksgiving and must be scheduled.  See photo policy.  But, by all means, take pics of getting your tree here.


Q:  Where can we picnic/tailgate?

A:  Just up the road, Kankakee River State Park has plentiful picnic tables, pavilions, and parking, perfect for picnicking/tailgating after your farm visit.  The farm is not well-suited for this, with its limited parking.


Q:  Does the farm provide saws for cutting and twine to attach trees to vehicles?

A:  Yes.


Q:  Does it ever get muddy there?

A:  In fact, yes, sometimes areas get muddy.  Consider this in regards to boots and vehicles.  If ground conditions are particularly noteworthy we will say so on the main page of our website.