The Farm

F_Krüger_VorweihnachtEverything is rooted in the Earth.

Your experience at Cupola House Tree Farm will be appreciated as much as your fresh tree. It is about connecting with nature, farming, culture, heritage and each other.

We are a choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm and we also offer pre-cut trees and dug-up trees.  The farm adjoins the vast Kankakee River State Park wilderness.  We have a festive indoor/outdoor pavilion where we keep a fire going in a large stone fireplace and have free hot apple cider to warm you up.  In addition to trees we sell a wide assortment of homegrown/handmade items including: fresh wreaths, garland, swags, centerpieces, porch pots, door toppers, arrangements, and decor novelties.  For your own creativity we sell pine cones, spruce cones, dried flowers, and lots of bundles of mixed evergreen boughs.  Also get some bundles of firewood while you’re here!

Bringing a fresh tree into your home has been a prized winter tradition since time immemorial for good reason.  If you’ve ever cut down your own Christmas tree you have memories of the satisfaction that comes from the tree hunt, finding it, shouting “timber!” and bringing it home. Your stories and memories will last forever.

Cupola House Tree Farm makes the adventure easy and fun.  If you’ve never cut down your own tree before it’s easier than you probably think, and for your convenience we also have freshly pre-cut trees available as well. And, even onto a smaller car you can tie an average-sized tree.  We provide twine. For the day kids can be farm kids and dogs can be farm dogs as you all explore amongst the trees.

We provide saws, and tree carts.  For no charge, we put your tree on our tree shaker machine which cleans out anything loose.  Also for free, we’ll bale your tree which wraps, compacts and protects your tree for getting home.  Our helpful staff will bring your tree to your vehicle and we provide twine if you need for tying down.

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