tree ringsCupola House Tree Farm sustainably grows 24,000 trees. Real trees are the earth friendly choice! In the 15 years it may take a Christmas tree to grow, it cleans the air and provides for life. Your tree will breathe its freshness into your home which you’re in more now because winter.  At Cupola House Tree Farm we promise that when you cut down your tree, we’ll plant a new one in its place.  You enable a carbon-storing sustainable tree plantation to exist.  We believe the best thing a tree can be is your Christmas tree tree, that it’s natural beauty may glorify Christmas.


Tree species

We have a wide variety of trees to choose from, each with a unique look and scent.  Try a different kind each year or simply go with whatever tree speaks to you.  We’re friendly farmers here to listen to what you’re looking for (or to avoid) in a tree and make a recommendation.



Image result for fraser fir    Fraser Fir  Abies fraseri   –  Also grown are subspecies: Balsam Fir and Canaan Fir

Concolor (aka White) Fir Abies concolor

    Douglas Fir  Pseudotsuga menziesii



Blue Spruce  Picea pungens

Image result for norway spruceNorway Spruce  Picea abies



White Pine   Pinus strobus

Scots Pine  Pinus sylvestrus

With little trees, big trees and in-between trees, you’ll find one that’s perfect for you!



Tall Trees

They’re always bigger in your house than outside!

We plant our trees with a spacing between each other that is optimal for tree height of 6′-9′ at maturity.  The vast majority of people want trees in this height range thus the trees are typically cut before exceeding 10 feet tall.  There are trees 10′-12′ tall scattered around the farm for those who hunt for them.  Trees get too tall beyond this to trim and their natural shape tendency isn’t always conical.  But every year, a couple trees 15’+ have gone to good homes.  Often those are trees that had bare spots when they were normal height and got left alone by customers eventually fill in, typically firs.  It’s difficult to say how the selection of taller trees is throughout the season.  Really one needs to be on foot considering quality and height for themselves.  Contact us in September or October and we can order a extra large tree for you from our Wisconsin farm buddies who have a patch of trees intentionally grown to be extra big premium trees.